Civil Engineering

End-to-end civil engineering services to help you from surveying to final construction.

Building & Maintenance

AHMED ENGINEERING handle wide range of residential, commercial and industrial construction.

Sewerage & Water Supply

Our Objective to maintain and improve the infrastructure, innovation and efficiency of our water resources to ensure quality of life.

Irrigation & Landscaping

We offer professional irrigation system installation services for commercial and residential customers.

Solar Energy Services

We offer professional solar Energy System & Solutions in Pakistan for Home, Business & Industrial Purpose

Interior Designing

We are well-known name in luxury home interior, modern office, building, landscape interior designs which suits on your space architecture.

Technological & Business Management System

  • Optimize portfolios
  • Invest in innovation   
  • Production goal
  • Economical goal 
  • Supply quality products 
  • Improve skills & Technologies
  • Increase the employments
  • Human Resources Management
  • Finance Accounting
  • General Administration
  • Materials Management
  • Scheduling

Features and Advantages of the MBO process.

  • Efficient Management 
  • Clear Organizational Roles 
  • Increases the Level of Commitment
  • Performance Evaluation 
  • Better Guidance and Direction 
  • Accelerates Motivation of Subordinates
  • Individual Efforts to Group Efforts 
  • Simplifies Goal Achievement 
  • Increase Job Satisfaction
  • Initiates Self Direction
  • Encourages Innovative Thinking and Ideas 
  • Motivates to Perform Better  
  • Performance Appraisal